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Take a S.E.A.T and learn about LipSense!

S. is for Set

These colors don’t work all by themselves. They are practically inseparable from gloss and remover. Here’s how they’ll work together. If you’re new to LipSense, this set is what to buy to get started! $55


  • This is a tube of rich pigments in cosmetic grade alcohol. It works by bonding to the skin of your lips, not sitting on top of it or staining it. This makes it permeable to the gloss.
  • One tube will last 4-6 months, with daily use.


  • Hydrating gloss with shea butter and Vitamin E. This amazing stuff can permeate the color, to help hydrate your lips below, keeping the color sealed in and looking great.
  • Glosses can be worn alone or over colors.

Ooops Remover

  • An absolute necessity for LipSense users. The color isn’t like traditional lipstick, where a stray smudge can be wiped away. Since it bonds to your skin, you’ll need to use this remover to correct any mistakes, and it’s the best way to take LipSense off when it’s time for a color change or at the end of the day.
  • Bonus…it smells like vanilla cake batter! (Note that all Senegence products are gluten free and vegan…no matter how awesome they smell!)


E. is for Expectations

Yes LipSense CAN last 18+ hours. BUT, when you’re new to it, it usually won’t and here’s why.  Traditional lipsticks and lip balms use compounds called humectants, which draw moisture in, which makes them feel (at least temporarily), moisturizing. But have you ever noticed how you feel like you need to reapply them because your lips feel dry again? Part of the reason is that once humectants have drawn all the moisture they can from the air, they pull it from your lips! Which leaves you drier than you were before using them.

Most of us come to LipSense after having used products like these, so it can take some time to heal up your lips and end a lip balm addiction. During that process, your skin may exfoliate more than you’d normally see. Since LipSense is bonding to your skin, not just sitting on top of it, that means you’re sloughing off LipSense too. This happens to most people for a week or two (I’ve heard of up to a month, and some magical friends out there never have it happen at all…) but then it get’s better! By using only LipSense color (and gloss even when you aren’t using color), your lips will be healthy in no time. After only a few weeks of LipSense use, I noticed that I wasn’t even thinking to reach for lip balm on the days I wasn’t wearing LipSense.

A. is for Application

This style of lip color is a little different. Read through the instructions, watch some videos, recognize there is a learning curve…and give it a try!


  • Start with clean, dry lips. Shake color well (there’s a little bead in there, like in nail polish). Keep lips apart for entire process. Apply color to one lip at a time, using a smooth, sweeping motion from one corner to the other. Don’t lift applicator, and DON’T go back and forth (this will remove the color). Allow your first layer to dry (at least 5 seconds, 30-60 for matte colors). Repeat for three layers. Top with Glossy gloss, rub lips together to smooth and seal in color.


  • Always apply glossy gloss immediately after applying color. Continue to gloss throughout the day. When you eat, when you think of it, when your lips feel dry.
  • If you want to use a specialty gloss (matte, pearl, etc), use it over glossy with lip colors, or use alone for a subtle look!
  • Use your gloss even if you’re not wearing lip color. It’s a great moisturizer for lips. Use glossy gloss or Senegence® Lip Balm before bed.


  • Apply a good amount of Ooops! Remover to lips. Rub together and allow to sit for a few minutes. Wipe away with a moist cloth (or toilet paper/paper napkin, in a pinch). Repeat until lips are free of color and feeling clean!
  • Use the applicator to rub along any mistakes when applying LipSense®, then wipe them away!
  •  Video explanation and demo

T. is for Tingle

Remember that cosmetic grade alcohol I talked about in S? Remember talking about how traditional lip products dry your lips out in E? Well..Those two things together contribute to the tingle you may feel when using LipSense for the first time.

Any time you use LipSense, it may feel cool as you’re applying it, since the alcohol is evaporating, and that creates a cooling sensation. Have you gotten alcohol in a cut? That’s a little more what LipSense will feel like on dehydrated lips (I’m talking to you, lip balm addicts!). Even if you don’t see them, dehydrated skin has tiny wounds and cracks in it. Thankfully, the moisturizing gloss is a great aid to healing them, but in the meantime, it doesn’t feel great to get alcohol in there. Some people say it feels like a sting or burn more than a tingle, and I’ll admit there are days when I’m dehydrated and I know it because my LipSense feels that way. Thankfully, that feeling will go away as soon as the gloss is applied, and it *should* be less and less the more you use LipSense (and keep up on your water intake!).


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